– finding and dissolving the causes of disease in the Information Field

and at the cellular level. 


3 years ago a dear friend from Munich told me about a new technology being used by doctors and health practitioners in Germany, Switzerland and Portugal that is proving highly effective in dealing with a vast array of issues.

TimeWaver was developed by German Quantum physicist and Vedic scholar, Marcus Schmieke working with Portuguese Scientist and Homeopath, Nuno Nina.

It has been clear to me for some time that my first calling in life is to help others to heal. When I heard about TimeWaver I knew that I had to work with this technology and I am deeply grateful for this opportunity.


Information field medicine is based on the Quantum Field Theory of physicists such as Burkhart Heim (1925 - 2001). Most people accept that consciousness affects matter e.g. through the power of prayer, strong desire etc. The Information Field is the connection between Matter and Consciousness - the means by which information flows between these two layers or dimensions. This hidden field surrounds and permeates all living things. Disturbances in this field account for and precede dysfunction on the physical level - whether this is in the body, the mind, relationships, business, the home etc.

3 quantum-physical oscillation circuits within the hardware of the Timewaver device allow us to access and interpret what is happening in the Information field.


TimeWaver Med is a state-of-the-art device which analyses the deeper causes of diseases in the Information Field (The Morphogenic Field) and corrects them by a process known as Optimization.

Timewaver has many and varied applications - in medicine, the home, and business. Below I describe some of these applications: 

Some of the main TimeWaver Med functions include:

  • Organ Coherence analysis - 

TW Med analyses the Information Field of each organ and system in the body. (This should not be confused with analysis of the physical organ). Every organ in our body is self regulating by a process known as Homeostasis. A normal range of function swings between slight over regulation, to slight under regulation and back again. However sometimes certain organs or systems can get stuck in over regulation (stiffness, rigidity, tension) or in under regulation (chaos, lack of tone, lack of strength). The Organ Coherence function allows the patient to see in the Information field which organs have the tendency to over regulate or to under regulate. Timewaver can then be used to send impulses into the Information field to correct this imbalance.

Aura Analysis 

The Aura Analysis module looks into the Information field of each of the 7 main chakras to see how much energy is available to the body through this chakra. It can also analyse why a particular chakra is not functioning optimally - whether it is because of emotional trauma, poor self confidence, poor communication in relationships etc. 

Following analysis, treatment consists of scheduled impulses sent to the Information Field of the client (Optimisation) over the course of an agreed period. This can be frequent for a short period of time - hours / days or it can be infrequent over a number of weeks.

Clients come back for a follow up session 4 weeks later to see changes in the Aura and in the Body coherence and any new issues can be focussed on then. 


Timewaver Frequency is a Class IIa medical device that detects disturbances in the Information field relating to particular parts of the body and corrects them using electrical micro-currents to heal disease and pain, working at the cellular level.

Treatment using TimeWaver Frequency involves holding a set of metal electrodes for a period of approximately one hour while treatment progresses.

TimeWaver frequency constantly scans the information field to check which frequencies relating to pathogens or poor organ function are present so that these can be neutralised using micro-currents.

After each session of treatment clients report feeling both relaxed and energised. I am always struck by how different people look before and after a session. 

This is what one client has to say:

15/01/16 “ I had been suffering from tiredness and feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from all of the responsibilities I have. I was not sure how Timewaver would help. But the sessions have been life-changing. During them I feel a deep sense of relaxation and letting go – I often do fall asleep. Afterwards I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I sleep better, rest a lot and then I can get on with my life with more energy and renewed enthusiasm. Thank you so much Brid” C Davies, Artist, E17


Organ Coherance analysis and treatment over 1 month plus

Meridian Analysis and optimisation over 1 month plus

Life issue analysed and the remedying impulses oscillated into the client's Information Field for 1 month: £120

All results can be emailed to the client.

This session - which can be done in person or by Skype, will last up to 1.5 hours and includes time for you to explore which areas of your life you wish to create change in. You will come away with a clear vision of what you want and a strengthened will and confidence to achieve it plus the comfort of knowing that TimeWaver is running in the background supporting your highest intentions.

TimeWaver Frequency treatment using Microcurrent therapy - in person.

1.5 hour treatment for any known condition - the database in TW Frequency contains over 160,000 different frequencies related to dis-ease states.

Cost per trea​tment:  £120

Conditions commonly treated  using Timewaver Frequency: Stress, anxiety, depression, 'burn-out', physical pain, injuries, sleep problems.

If you have a HEALY personal Frequency device, I can transfer your treatment protocol to it so that you can run it in the convenience of your own home. 

See my HEALY website for more details 




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July 2018

The Timewaver technology is astounding… even though it’s difficult to get your head around the “how’s, why’s and what’s”, if you’re not an expert on quantum physics! It’s the future of medicine and I am constantly amazed at the accuracy and most importantly, how it helps you HEAL on a very deep level - emotionally, mentally and physically. I am not new to alternative healing therapies. I, myself, am a Reiki healer and Bi-Aura therapist. I also have been teaching and running a busy Pilates practice for over 20 years here in London. My husband is an osteopath and incorporates alternative healing into his practice, as well. We first learned of the Timewaver technology from my brother in law, who was receiving the healing from a couple in Australia. I was amazed and decided to try it myself and discovered Brid Hanlon here in London, who treats clients using the Timewaver. Even though the Timewaver technology is incredible, Brid, herself, is a talented health practitioner and has a wealth of experience and knowledge behind her. She is wonderfully intuitive and knows exactly what you need at that time using her wisdom, insightfulness and her other various healer tools! She has helped me keep my business space clear and is now gently helping me through a gigantic shift and change in my life. The Timewaver helps on so many different levels…I completely recommend it! ~ Mina Stephens (London)

January 2018

Liane, a client I have worked with over Skype for the past 3 months writes:

"My experience of Brid and Timewaver has been incredible. In 2013 I ruptured a ligament in my left ankle in 3 different places which has never healed and always given me problems. I have undergone many private sessions of various forms of therapies to try heal my ankle over the years but there was no relief from any of work undertaken.

In general conversation while using Timewaver I mentioned my ankle out of curiosity to see if Timewaver would pick up on it, Brid was hot on the pulse adjusting Timewaver to do a full body scan and Timewaver identified that there was a blocked meridian in my ankle which Brid then worked her magic on to reverse and after that first session, my ankle has been so much stronger, steadier, balanced and pain free. What has been a long road to recovery for me over the years for my ankle, Timewaver sorted in just one session. For anyone contemplating doing Timewaver, I couldn’t recommend Timewaver enough, it knows no limits, no barriers, it picks up ailments in your body that you never even knew were there, and works to reverse these ailments using a variety of healing essences, energies, commands etc and reverses the issue back to its original positive well-being and function effortlessly. It is fantastic at identifying potential body issues before they become a major show stopper for you. Brid and her knowledge and experience with Timewaver is outstanding, you can’t go wrong."

Liane Raye, Oxfordshire, UK

Timewaver and Homeopathy for Chronic Fatigue

Brid is a true healer, dedicated to her Art.

The Time Waver Healing System is a state of the art Energetic medicine, just astounding what it can achieve.

The clarity and depth of analysis and the programs she applied affected my whole Being deeply at all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I am changing after each session, gaining deep insights into old patterns.

One of the best things I have come across, many thanks Brid"

Rose N, East Ham, London

December 2017, Timewaver treatment for long-term Homeopathy client:

"HI Brid, Very strong response to yesterday's treatment. I slept deeply and feel fit as a fiddle today! Thank you so much. Josephine"

22/08/2017 Jekaterina C. London E17 " I am so happy about the results from Timewaver, I cant stop buzzing! I wanted to tell you that the next day when I woke up my skin was so smooth, my energy doesn't drop any more and I ran yesterday in the park! I could only imagine that in my mind, but physically I was so tired for so long, there was no chance I could run.. I have started eating eggs and fish! I blame you for that as I'm vegetarian, but it feels so good for me right now. My body is just getting stronger, I'm much calmer, I even walk more slowly! I just feel more stable than ever. Thank you very very much! I still have an issue with my tummy - we can work on that next week, but my gums and teeth are not sensitive any more. I keep telling all my friends and clients about you and your healing. I would love to have this machine myself, maybe in few years, until then I will bring my family to you."



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Morphic Resonance: The Nature of Formative Causation

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