What is a Soul Contract Reading?

A Soul Contract Reading is an accurate, in depth, channeled system of spiritual interpretation that will empower you to align with and manifest your soul's purpose by decoding the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth name.

A chart based on the sounds of Ancient Hebrew, contained within your birth name describes the energies set in place by your soul for this life that create your reality in each moment. This work is based on the Kaballah and is also known as the Spiritual Numerology of Moses. It describes your:

  • karma/challenges
  • talents
  • goals/dreams
  • soul destiny/life purpose

I had my Soul Contract interpreted for me in April 2016 by Nicolas David Ngan, best-selling author of Your Soul Contract De-coded and for the first time in my life I saw all of my personal issues laid out clearly in the chart - as Gifts, Karmic issues and Goals. I was also shown why my soul had chosen the particular circumstances of my early life and since, in order to further its growth. I was left with a map of my life, helping me to make sense of everything and,most importantly, to see what I came here to do - the bigger picture.

What does a Soul Contract Reading involve?

I will send you a form asking for your birth certificate name and any other names you have been known by and I will draw up your chart from this. I also ask you to think about what questions you would like answered during your reading. We will arrange a 1.5 hour time slot during which I will deliver the reading to you - by webinar, which will be recorded. The reading is a transmission from your Higher Self through me and will bring into consciousness the underlying reasons for what you have experienced in your life as well as showing you the true purpose of your life - why you are here. You are encouraged to listen to your reading 3-4 times over the following 6 months as you will gain deeper understanding of your life purpose with each listening.

The cost of a Soul Contract Reading is £160. 

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This is what one client, Aradhana Kaur had to say after her Soul Comtract reading:

"I've just had a Soul Contract Reading with Brid and am extremely impressed with and moved by the session. The information transmitted by Brid in the reading is profound, I feel deeply seen in my highest self, I can see my purpose in this lifetime with clarity for the first time, and I feel inspired to more forwards, knowing I'm heading in the best direction. Brid conveyed the information clearly and held a loving space throughout. I highly recommend the Soul Contract Reading to anyone wanting clarity in their life purpose.

I am deeply grateful to you Brid, and excited to follow up with a Time Waver session with you to address the challenges revealed in today's reading."

and another client in December 2016 reported:

"Had an incredibly moving and profound Soul Contract reading with Brid today, that blew me away." KS