Before Treatment - 13th November 2015

Please note that the image in the centre is the one stored in the database - 

it is for illustrative purposes only. 

After Treatment - 11th December 2015

Diagnosing and treating problems in the Major Chakras

Every living thing needs life force energy to survive.

We draw in fresh supplies of energy through a series of power points known as the chakras. We have seven major chakras which run in a line from the groin area to the top of the head, and which distribute energy to hundreds of smaller chakras around the body.

The health of the chakras can vary greatly - some areas may be deficient in energy, while others may have too much. This in turn can affect the functioning of the organs in that area.

In the session with you I give you my in depth understanding of how each chakra functions to keep you in a state of physical and emotional health. Together we see how the issues that you experience as difficult in your life are mapped in front of us in your aura photograph.

I run an Optimization for each chakra over the course of a month which has the effect of balancing and strengthening the Aura, as can be seen in the example above.

Here is the Optimisation that I ran for my Root chakra during the month illustrated above. 

Price for 1.5 hour counselling session with Chakra diagnosis and 1 month treatment. : £120