Brid Hanlon, BSc, Dip Couns, LCHE

Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

My Journey

Working as a Timewaver Therapist, Homeopath and Counsellor is a vocation for me, not just a job.

My journey towards becoming a therapist began in 1991 when my daughter was very little. After 3 winters of prolonged coughs she was diagnosed with childhood asthma. Our doctor prescribed 2 inhalers for her and we were quite unhappy when this seemed the only solution. To our surprise our daughter's cough cleared up within days of receiving Homeopathic treatment! I was so grateful for having homeopathic remedies over the course of the following few years - my daughter's coughs became less severe and less frequent and were always helped by remedies. Her general health improved greatly and she never needed to use the inhalers! 

In 1998 I qualified as a Person-centered Counsellor at the Metanoia Institute , a job which I thoroughly enjoy. Over the next few years, as my knowledge of Homeopathy increased, I began to think more and more of remedies that could be effective for emotional issues such as anxiety, lack of confidence, post traumatic stress, grief etc. Soon it became clear to me that my skills in listening with natural empathy and my keen interest in health would best be served by training as a Homeopath.

At the Centre for Homeopathic Education, where I studied for 4 years, I was trained in the practical approach to homeopathy by some of the best Homeopaths in the UK.

As my work as a Counsellor and Homeopath has progressed over the years I have found that many clients who come to me are facing major life challenges - in their careers, relationships or family life. As a result of this I have continued training and broadened my scope of treatments to include Divine Healing and Soul Contract Readings and courses in Meditation. This allows me to help clients put their current difficulties into perspective and to understand themselves at a profoundly deep level - which I believe is the opportunity within all suffering.

In 2014 I was introduced to a new German technology called Timewaver which allows the body to be scanned remotely for signs of imbalance. This Information Field Technology can identify and address problems at all levels of the psyche. When I first tried it I was stunned at how it created a major (emotional) healing crisis for me leading to a complete change of direction in my work (for Landmark Education). I started to really follow my own path and my life has flowed with so much grace since then. I purchased the Timewaver devices in March 2014 and am proud to be one of the first therapists offering this service to clients in the UK.

In the past 6 years I have staffed on 8 residential workshops with the Celebration of Being UK, enabling both men and women to heal deep issues concerning the parenting they received and their relationships with the opposite gender. It has been said many times by participants that I hold a deeply loving, wise and compassionate space for those in need.

I see my own growth and continual personal development as an integral part of what I bring to my work with clients, fine tuning my listening to see what it is that you need at this present time. In each consultation you will find greater clarity about what is important to you and how the symptoms you experience are the key to discovering the wisdom of your body and soul.