Welcome to East London Homeopathy,

The Healing Practice of Bríd Anandah Zevi Hanlon, Irish-born Counsellor and Homeopath.

I have over 10 years experience in the treatment of emotional and sleep issues, hormonal and immune disorders, chronic fatigue and other chronic pain disorders, lack of confidence, fears, phobias and addiction.

I support people through major life changes so that they feel empowered to create the life they have always wanted. 

I work with people all over the world via Zoom webinar, using Timewaver Med Information Field analysis and treatment and using Timewaver Frequency to transfer individualised programs to a client's HEALY personal wearable Frequency device.


Timewaver Med Information Field appointments are normally once every 4 weeks for as long as you require.


Timewaver Med or Timewaver Frequency session: £140 per session, including balancing lists being sent daily for 4 weeks into the client's Information Field.

Click here to go to my Acuity Calender and book your Timewaver Med and Healy session with me. 


Soul Contract Reading: £160. 

This includes 2 hours preparation and 1.5 hours delivery over Zoom webinar.

Divine Healing (Levels 1-4): £70 per hour. 

Sessions last between 1-1.5 hours.